CMA- Studies and its advantages

CMA- Studies and its advantages

Who doesn’t want to sit in air-conditioned rooms behind the table on the comfy seat while moving fingers on the keyboard and eyeing on a large screen to play with numbers and large figures on spreadsheets? Who doesn’t want the job of accountancy in which they have to go through numbers and excel sheets while managing accounts of other companies and eye on what they are doing?

Everyone loves easy and decent life that involves interesting work. Yet the definition of interesting work changes with the people. For some people, making films and movies is interesting but others might enjoy calculating numbers and inserting formulas to calculate different things. 

Accountancy is made for number and mathematics lover. They should specialize in accounts. There are many ways to pursue a career in accounts. One of them is CMA. 

What is CMA?

CMA is an abbreviation of Certified Management Accountant. It is a degree of specialization in accounts that anyone can pursue who is doing or has done Bachelors. The degree makes you a credible and educated management accountant. The certification builds knowledge in financial planning, financial analysis, professional ethics and decision support of a student. Besides, the student will a lot from financial modelling courses in CMA online course.

What is the course outline of CMA?

There are numerous courses in CMA but they are divided into two parts:

  1. CMA Part I
  2. CMA Part II

CMA Part I is all about financial planning, performance and analytics while the CMA Part II consists of courses of strategic financial management. Each part has six courses. 

Part I has Technology and Analytics, Internal Controls, Cost Management, External Financial Reporting Decisions, Performance Management and Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting. Meanwhile, the second part consists of Professional Ethics, Decision Analysis, Investment Decision, Risk Management, Corporate Finance and Financial Statement Analysis.

What is Examination pattern of CMA?

Unlike other degrees, CMA exams are four hours long. The exam has two parts. 

  1. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), and 
  2. Essay type Questions. 

In an exam, there are 100 MCQs which students have to solve within 3 hours and there are 2 essay type questions which they have to attempt and complete within a remaining hour. MCQs makes 75 per cent of weightage of the exam while 25 per cent of weightage is dedicated to essay type questions. Students are required to score 500 marks at least to get a certificate.