How men can help their partners conceive

How men can help their partners conceive

It isn’t easy to make a baby especially for those who have been dealing with fertility and hormonal issues. Even though women are the caretaker and nurturer of a baby it doesn’t mean that men don’t have an important part in it. It is important for men to play their role with proper fertility in order to conceive a baby, but if for some reason you have been facing male infertility then here are tips to help you through:

  • Control your weight

This is one of the first things which is suggested to couples who are not able to conceive for a long time as obesity and overweight can lead to some major issues which can be a little tricky to solve when it comes to fertility. As long as male fertility is concerned, obesity can affect the sperm count and swimming capability of sperms which is why it is important to maintain weight. Low sperm count can decrease the chances of conceiving.

  • Control chronic conditions

A lot of people suffer from chronic conditions such as blood pressure, diabetes or any such heart condition that would medication, in such cases if the condition is not taken care of it may affect the fertility. The medication used in such cases could also have an effect which means you have to look out for it. If the condition and medication is not in your control then you should definitely consult your doctor and share your concerns about the infertility issues which may hinder you fathering a child.

  • Take care of your diet

Whatever you eat has an overall impact on your health and it is not only about maintaining weight. It is important that you consider a healthy diet and keep intake of healthy foods which can play a huge role. Start off with organic fruits and vegetables and include all sources of nutrients and vitamins which won’t only help you being healthy but also make sure that your fertility is managed. There are certain foods which you and your partner must avoid so make sure you are looking out for that as well.

There are many other options you could consider such as IVF pregnancy and there is no need to be disheartened because after the initial difficulties you will always have some fruit.