Are Prayer Carpets and Prayer Mats the Same Thing?

Are Prayer Carpets and Prayer Mats the Same Thing?

A prayer carpet or prayer rug is typically a square pile carpet, sometimes even a prayer mat, used for prayer by many Muslims and some Christians. They are used as floor covers, to place beneath the prayer chair or as an accessory to any prayer room.

They can come in many designs and colours. It’s possible to get one that has a cross on it or a picture of Jesus or Allah. They are also very practical, as they can be folded up and kept outside of the house, ready to use when needed. They are an easy way to decorate a prayer room, giving it a unique look and adding a special touch to the room.

Different Designs of Praying Mats:

There are many types of portable prayer mat available, with both western and bulimic designs. These prayer carpets are usually a square or rectangular shape with a few pointed ends, like those of a prayer mat. Most are plain white but some have beautiful floral designs or patterns. The square shape gives them the appearance of a prayer carpet and they can be easily placed underneath a chair, on a bed or beside a prayer bench.

Different Material of Praying Mats:

Most prayer rugs are made using a different coloured yarn than the carpets used in homes, as prayer rugs are considered sacred and should be kept away from profanity and other offensive material. Often prayer rugs are made from materials such as silk, jute or ramie and are embellished with beads and other decorative motifs. Some carpets are decorated with motifs from all over the world, while others are inspired by specific things from the religion or culture of the people who use them. There are prayer rugs available in all different cultures and religions. Some of the most common themes include animals, geometric patterns, nature, religious paintings and nature images.

Placement of Praying Mat:

Prayer rugs are often kept inside of houses, but some are kept inside the home to provide an area where Muslims can gather to praise the almighty and ask for his help. These prayer rugs are decorated with beautiful flowers and other items to show that this is a place of worship. Others feature intricate designs and calligraphy, while others are simple and feature a single word or characters as well.